Building Town Landing Pages To Help Your Local SEO

Today, I’m going to show you can rank for areas your service covers but doesn’t physically have an office there.

Build local landing pages, take your domain, create a new page and call it /{keyword}-{town}. Example: SEO Essex. Next, pack the page with content (around 300-400 words). Make sure this is unique, any duplicate content can run you into Panda problems (some content algorithm Google have!).

Then, create a sitemap within your footer to pass your juice around and job done. Create as many as you physically can local to you! You’ll gradually pickup more and more traffic.

A good example of a local businesses dominating their industry locally (within Essex) are The Lock Father & Kings Cuts Romford.

Try it, if you struggle to pull in more traffic I will close this blog down. It will work, trust me :D.