Tips to Get the Most Out of Web Design: Trends for 2015

 Get the most out of the web design trends for 2015. Web design is dynamic that keeping yourself aware of the trends and making them work for you will surely bring you much benefit.

Go for Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design or RWD continues to be the trend for 2015. It’s the trend that has become a necessity for every site that wishes to grow their market share.

This type of design enables your site to look good on any device that your visitors use to view your content. Statistics show that most of the recommendations come from consumers accessing the web through their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or phablets.

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Thus, you are better off to design your web pages that respond to different screen sizes well. Shifting to RWD will also enable you to save on cost that you would otherwise spend in building different versions of your website.

Here are the typical characteristics of a responsive design:

  • Site displays properly regardless of the size of the screen
  • Your images resize automatically to fit the environment
  • Web pages appear proportional with fluid grids
  • Easy to navigate whether users use the mouse or touchscreen

Keep Your Design Simple

Simple designs are still one of the top web design trends for 2015. In fact, users consider websites with simple designs as more visually pleasurable than those sites with sophisticated designs.

Users tend to favour websites that have:

  • Fewer pages
  • Easy to scroll and navigate
  • Sufficient white space
  • Bigger images with high resolution

Results from a joint study by the Harvard University with the Universities of Colorado and Maryland reveal that the majority of the subjects (with different demographic profile) consider websites with simple designs as more visually appealing than websites with complex designs.

The scientific explanation is that simple designs make it easy for the brain and the eyes to process site content. Complex designs are not only heavy on the eyes, but they also make the brain work harder.

Focus on the functionality of your website more than its visuals. Finding the good balance is best. This empowers you to benefit the most from web design trends for 2015.